About Me



There are times in our lives that we need  to make a change and deepen the understanding of ourselves and others.  Therapy can be quite helpful in this process through providing a secure,  non-judgmental relationship from which to grow. It is important that  you feel valued and respected by the therapist with whom you choose to  work. In addition, you should experience a sense of safety in this  confidential relationship. As your therapist, I need to feel confident  that my skill set would be a benefit to you in helping you to accomplish  our agreed upon goals. As a professional I am committed to increasing  my learning so that as advances are made in the profession, I may  utilize that knowledge to help you. 


I utilize an empathic psychodynamic  approach in my therapy.  Inner growth and change begins to occur as your  understanding deepens through the therapeutic alliance. It is my  spiritual belief that no one is hopeless and that working together in  therapy can help you change patterns, habits, the way you treat yourself  and others.   

Training & Experience

I have over 40 years’ experience of  working with families, couples, and individuals. I provide play therapy  and Gestalt therapy in my work with children and teens. I earned my  Masters in Social Work from Smith College School of Social Work in 1972.  I have been training in couples therapy with Dr. Wendy Cherry, the  co-director of the Couples & Sex Therapy Training Program at UCLA.

For  16 years I provided psychotherapeutic services for Los Angeles School  District for children and their families. For I0 years, I worked as the  lead clinician and manager of the Long Beach offices of the out-patient  mental health clinics for FHP, an HMO. I have been trained in Trauma  therapy and in Cognitive Behavioral therapy. I also have worked  extensively with those experiencing grief and loss. My professional  interests include advances in Attachment Theory and Mindfulness.